Nature-based Learning, Family Field Trips*, Social and Cultural Awareness experiences, and the Recess 101 and Sports program teach beyond the classical standards of academics.  With these programs, we provide personal and social enrichment that develops individual talents and lets children practice community-building skills.

*Family Field Trips have been temporarily cancelled during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nature-based Learning

Nature-Based Learning (NBL) uses aspects of the environment as both classroom and curriculum; the teaching and learning approach can be both guided learning and self-directed exploration. Outside time, despite the weather (though children are dressed appropriately and safety prioritized), is provided multiple times daily.  A specially designed outdoor area has a vegetable and edible flower … Continue reading Nature-based Learning

Recess 101 and Sports

Recess 101 Similar to the program elementary schools have, Recess 101 aims to teach children basic game play and socialization skills needed on the playground.  We rotate through playground games such as tag (regular, freeze, contagious, Sharks and Minnows), hide-and-seek, Simon Says, Red Light/Green Light, and free-play on the play structure, in the play house, … Continue reading Recess 101 and Sports

Social and Cultural Learning

With student-teacher ratios lower than the majority of preschool centers, we are able to dedicate more time one-on-one with children and to help guide them through social interactions with their peers. Additionally, we have both child-directed and structured programs focused specifically on social development: Special Learning Days, Art Explorer Gallery, Monthly Learning Themes, Circle Time … Continue reading Social and Cultural Learning

Family Field Trips

Due to COVID-19, we are temporarily canceling Family Field Trips. Hopefully, after flu season, we will re-instate these with any modification necessary based on the situation at the time. In the interim, please comment with ideas for future trips! Here are some ideas: easy nature hikes, kid-friendly museums, family-friendly festivals, day-long urban exploration, backyard crafting … Continue reading Family Field Trips