Arts and Crafts

Stick figures are to be treasured.  Paint smears to be admired.  An ice-sculpture with colored salts to be fun and playful.

The curricula for arts and crafts enables children to learn how to use  a variety of mediums (crayons, paint, clay, glue, etc.) for both process-style art (emphasis on free expression with medium/materials) and product-based art (a specific design objective like a coloring book page or a tree-house).

Arts and Crafts is amazingly versatile as a learning tool for other subjects as well!  We can use art to make puppets for music, design trees to reflect the different seasons in science, use creativity to build forms using block shapes, and use pictures or create story props for language and literacy.

A variety of art forms is also explored–collage, photography, sculpture, different paint mediums, textiles design, and more.

There is always a rotating selection of arts and crafts materials to choose from during the day both inside and outside.