Program Options, Tuition, and FAQs

Welcome!  Below you can find information on: eligibility, enrollment options, the daily schedule, 2020 operating calendar, tuition information, registration, and answers to FAQs.


Children must meet both requirements to be eligible for our program:

  1. Ages two* to five (2-5) years old for preschool through TK.  Children between 18 and 24 months with advanced development can be considered on a case-by-base basis.
  2. Current TB (tuberculosis) test or doctor’s note for TB-free and up-to-date on all vaccinations required by the State of California.

Enrollment Options and Operating Hours

Full-Time: Monday – Thursday, 8:00am – 5:30pm. Fridays, 8:00am – 1:30pm

Part-Time:  Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 1:30pm.

Avalon offers a year-round program; please see Operating Calendar below the Daily Schedule for details.

Daily Schedule

Monday through Thursday (8am-5:30pm)

8am-9am: Free-time and Montessori work. (Morning drop off deadline is 8:50am (unless special arrangements are made). This is so your child has time to pleasantly transition into a new environment before structured learning.

9am-9:30am: Circle Time with story and Music/Theater

9:30am-10:15am: Outside free play, nature-based learning, and Sports or Recess 101

10:15am-10:30am: AM snack time

10:30am-11:00am: STEM projects and activities

11:00am-12:10pm: Outside/inside free play

12:10pm-12:30pm: Lunch

12:30pm-1:00pm: Arts and Crafts

1:00pm-1:10pm: Self-Directed “Reading” and Picture Books

1:10pm-1:30pm: Story Time

1:30pm-3:00pm: Nap or Quiet Rest Time

3:00pm-3:15pm: PM snack

3:15-5:30pm: Outside and inside free time.  Children choose gardening, working with the sensory or water table, play with friends, or working with Montessori, art, and dramatic play materials inside.

Fridays 8am-1:30pm

8am-9am: Free-time and Montessori work. (Morning drop off deadline is 8:50am (unless special arrangements are made). This is so your child has time to pleasantly transition into a new environment before structured learning.

9am-9:30am: Circle Time with stories and games.

9:30am-10:15am: Outside free play and self-directed nature-based learning

10:15am-10:30am: AM snack time

10:30am-12:00pm: Outside or inside free time and Montessori / Reggio-Emilia

12:00pm-12:30pm: Group cooking and lunch

12:30pm-1:30pm: Inside/outside free time.

Pick-up is always at 1:30pm on Fridays.

Operating Calendar

Below are the holiday and vacation days.  The full tuition amount is due regardless of holiday and vacation closures unless otherwise noted, such as the tuition-free Summer and Winter Breaks.

2020 Observed Dates

Operating Schedule Details
Wed., Jan 1st New Years Day Closed  
Mon., Jan 20th MLK, Jr. Day (OPEN: Special Learning Day)
Mon., Feb 17th President’s Day Closed
Mon., May 25th Memorial Day Closed
M-F, Jun 29th – Jul 3rd Summer Break   Closed.(No tuition due for this week.)
Mon., Sep 7th Labor Day Closed
Wed., Nov 11th Veteran’s Day (OPEN)
Thu. – Fri., Nov 28th-29th Thanksgiving Days Closed Thursday and Friday
M-F, Dec 23rd – 27th Winter Break Closed. (No tuition due for this week.)


Regular tuition is still due for all family (parent/child) vacations.

Tuition, Fees, and Payment Policies:

Included in tuition: All learning materials and instruction, music and sport equipment, snacks and lunch, and total time of childcare whether or not you use the entire time and/or days (such as early pick-up, sick or vacation days, and holidays).  *Not included is diapers and diapering creams/ointments.

  • Deposit and Notice:  A non-refundable deposit of two-weeks worth of tuition is due for registration only if not paying monthly.  This deposit will be used for your last two-weeks of tuition.
  • There is no enrollment fee, materials fee, or annual registration fee. ♥

Full-Time Enrollment: $240 per week

Part-Time Enrollment:  $190 per week

Extended Care: Please inquire if there are special needs outside of regular business hours.

Registration Process

  1. An application for enrollment is submitted by parent.
  2. You will be emailed your application status to let you know about the availability of a spot, to answer any questions submitted on application, and to arrange a phone interview and/or appointment for a tour.
  3. During the tour, a registration packet is provided to your family that contains the contract and forms to be signed.  Once the contract, forms, and deposit have been received and reviewed by parents and provider, the registration is complete.

You can submit an application for enrollment here: Enrollment Application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q) Are there any extra materials I need to provide?

A) You would need to provide one spare set of clothing (shirt, pants, socks, underwear–weather appropriate) to keep here (or two sets along with spare shoes if child is not potty-trained).  Parents also provide all diapers and diaper creams/ointment and sunblock. 

Q) Do you help potty train?

Yes.  We coordinate training based on your child’s needs and family training methods.

Q) Do you offer an adjustment/trial period?

Typically, children take a week or two to adjust to a new environment, routines, and group of people/peers.  During that time, teachers will also be observing how your child is adjusting.  If it is not a good fit, a two-week notice will be given and your deposit used for those weeks.  If advanced payment of tuition was made in addition to the deposit, a refund will be given for that prorated amount.

Q) Is there screen time?

A)  We may use technology as a learning tools, such as a brief education video if it is applicable to our lesson (e.g. viewing the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s webcam to watch the penguins or a NASA video showing an astronaut in space).  For a holiday or special celebration, perhaps 2-3 times a year, a children’s movie may be watched.  No other regular viewing is done.

Q) What snacks and meals are provided?

A) A morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack is provided and is included in the tuition.  The full description of our nutritional program can be found here.