Enrollment Application

We are honored that you are considering us for your child’s care and early childhood education! 

  • An application for enrollment is submitted by a legal guardian. This does not guarantee you enrollment, but does automatically put you on the wait list for consideration.
  • You will be emailed a welcome packet that includes the parent handbook and the school interview questionnaire. At this time, we can arrange for the phone interview to go over the questionnaire, handbook, and any questions you may have. At the end of the phone interview, we can arrange for the in-person meeting and tour.
  • During the facility tour your child must be present so we can meet him/her. The facility tour is designed to provide you with an in-person assessment of the environment and to meet the teacher in a social setting where you can have one-on-one attention. Observations during operating hours are only available by Zoom, require you to have completed your in-person tour, and are only available if there will be an enrollment opening.
  • If we decide to enroll, a contract signing appointment is made and requires all legal guardians to be in attendance.  During this appointment, the contract, handbook, and licensing forms are reviewed and signed.   Your first tuition payment is also due at the signing appointment.  Once all actions have been completed, registration is complete and enrollment is confirmed.

The online application is below.  Your information is kept private.

Avalon believes in equitable respect and rights for all–this is our community agreement.  We welcome all types of families and children.  Families who wish to join our community must agree to abide by our community agreement of anti-discrimination by showing respect for all religions/spiritual beliefs, nationalities, ethnicity / culture, status of citizenship, political affiliations and ideas, gender (including trans), sex (male/female), sexual orientation (gay, bi-sexual, etc.), physiological special needs, cognitive and emotional special needs, family dynamics (single, divorced, etc.), economic status, languages spoken, an individual’s body (weight, tattoos, etc.), age, and all other expressions of humanity.