The below Directory of Content is a list of links will take you to the dedicated pages to learn about each aspect of our program.  You can also email us at AvalonChildcareAndPreschool@gmail.com or call 408-307-6721 during regular business hours; emails and messages are returned within one business day or sooner.

Directory of Content

  1. Mission Statement
  2. Philosophy on Early Childhood Education
  3. Teacher/Caregiver Bios and Facility Details
  4. Play Areas, Toys, and Relaxation
  5. Daily Schedules
  6. Monthly Learning Themes
  7. Art Calendar
  8. Special Learning Days
  9. Operating Calendar
  10. Lunch and Snack Menu
  11. Extracurriculars (Family Field Trips, Recess 101 and Sports, and more)
  12. Parent Communications and Child Assessments
  13. Academic Objectives and Teaching Methodologies
  14. Tuition Cost and Fees
  15. Safety, Health, and Quality Childcare Standards
  16. Special Needs and Considerations (includes Health Policy)
  17. Behavior Policy (includes reward and disciplinary methods)
  18. Screen Time and Technology Use Policy
  19. Clothing and Personal Property Policy
  20. Enrollment Application and Process