COVID-19 Action Plan 5/4/20

COVID-19 ACTION PLAN – updated 5/4/20

  1. Open –excluded from closure by the Governor’s most recent SIP order that also allows all children to attend regardless of their families essential worker status.
  2. Normally scheduled time / days / routine are in effect.
  3. Keeping to the same group of children and small ratio (1:6).
  4. The same attendance / tuition policy is in effect.  
  5. Parents are to text / call me when they arrive for drop-off and pick-up so I can come to the door (please keep six feet back from the door and from other parents).  No sign-in/sign-outs; I will be maintaining the attendance sheets for now.
  6. No visitors, parents, or extended family, including emergency contacts and pick-up contacts are allowed inside the facility without prior approval and a face mask.
  7. Children will immediately take off their shoes, sanitize / wash their hands, and have a morning health check of symptoms and temperature (this goes for all residents in the house too).  I have individual thermometer coverings for everyone.
  8. The same vigorous hand washing, cleaning, and disinfecting will be continued. All communal items that cannot be disinfected (e.g. play-doh, play sand, water table, etc.) on a daily basis will be put away or modified for individual use.
  9. Absolutely NO illness symptoms (even mild): running nose/congestion, repeated coughing / sneezing, diarrhea (even once), stomach ache/nausea, lethargy, shortness of breath, temperature 99.0F+, etcetera.  If anyone in your household becomes ill with such symptoms, please do the right thing and keep your child home to isolate.
  10. If your child becomes ill with a fever, you must have a negative result from a COVID-19 test before returning to school in addition to a mandatory 3-days home.
  11. If someone in your house has COVID-19, before returning to school, your child and each person in the house must show a negative test result taken 14-days after all have recovered.  Proof of recovery date (negative result) and negative tests results are required in the form of the actual test result and an official doctor’s note. Integrity within our community of families is essential.
  12. If an enrolled child catches COVID-19, Avalon will have an immediate decontamination day (open, but no one can attend) so I can conduct interviews, assess the situation, report to the local health department, and have extra cleaning.   Direct exposure does not mean one has automatically “caught” this, but if #10 or #11 happens, I will be taking a second round of temperature checks daily at 1pm for the next 14-days.
  13. No person or place can guarantee a contagion-free environment; your enrollment and attendance is voluntary and is at your own discretion at all times. 
  14. This action plan may be updated at any time as needed.

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