Winter Lunch and Snacks Menu

The Winter Menu will be used for December, January, and February.

Winter 2019

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Same each week AM Snack Greek yogurt, granola, and dried Goji berries Blueberry breakfast round, string cheese, and mandarin orange Peanut-butter banana toast Yogurt drink and multigrain fig bar Scrambled eggs, cinnamon toast, and apple sauce
WEEK 1 Lunch Cheese tortellini, broccoli salad, and seasonal fruit Beef and cheese sliders with spinach, beet, and goat cheese salad Ramen noodles, soft-boiled egg, and greens with  Mandarin oranges Dino nuggets, quinoa, kale salad, and pears Brown rice and black bean burrito bowl with veggie slaw, and cheese; mango
WEEK 2 Lunch Spaghetti with veggie sauce and turkey meatballs with pears Grilled cheese sandwiches, super greens salad, seasonal fruit Beef and broccoli, brown rice,  and apple celery salad Quinoa, honey-lemon salmon (wild) with seasonal fruit and carrots Pork carnitas, pineapples, cucumber and celery salad, and black beans
WEEK 3 Lunch Cheese ravioli and chicken-apple sausage, butternut squash and brussels sprouts Turkey burgers, seasonal fruit, and fresh spinach Cauliflower, carrot, and chicken coconut curry with brown rice and mangos Bean and bacon soup and breaded white fish and green salad Lentil and mushroom tacos with corn tortillas, purple cabbage, and kiwi
WEEK 4 Lunch Chicken Penne Alfredo with cauliflower and broccoli Wild tuna sandwiches with apple slices and green salad Orange chicken, brown rice with peas and carrots, and seasonal fruit Vegetarian chili, coleslaw, and corn bread Tamales with refried beans and veggie slaw salad with avocado. oranges.
Same each week PM Snack Bananas with brown rice cake or whole-grain cheerios Fresh veggies with dip and homemade trail-mix Class-made baked bread or muffins with seasonal fruit String cheese, graham crackers, and seasonal fruit (n/a)

*Whole grains are used for noodles, bread, tortillas, rice, crackers, etc. (natural or organic used when possible).

*If there is any religious or health preclusion for eating a certain food, I will substitute an appropriate alternative. You must let me know in written advance.

*Fruit and veggies are organic and seasonal / fresh when possible.

*Meat is either organic or all-natural (no antibiotics or hormones). Fish is wild-caught.

*Milk is always organic and offered during lunch and snacks .  Filtered water is available all other times.

*Menu items or meals listed above may be substituted or switched around depending on seasonal availability. 

*If there is a 5th week, Week 2 of the menu is repeated. 

*Holidays and Special Learning Days/themes have special menus that feature cultural or traditional celebration foods and drinks.