September 2019 Lunch and Snacks Menu

September 2019 Lunch and Snacks Menu Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Same each week AM Snack Mini bagels, seasonal fruit, and string cheese Yogurt with granola and berries or banana smoothie bowl Peanut-butter banana toast Seasonal fruit and eggs Breakfast round, string cheese, fruit
Week 1             (M 9/2 – F 9/6) Lunch CLOSED FOR LABOR DAY Grilled cheese sandwiches, veggie chips (beet and sweet potato), and seasonal fruit Chicken and vegetable potstickers, wild rice, seasonal fruit and vegetables Dino nuggets, sweet potato, broccoli, and fruit Cheese tortellini, broccoli salad, and seasonal fruit
Week 2             (M 9/9 – F 9/13) Lunch Spaghetti with veggie sauce and turkey meatballs Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with sugar snap peas and fresh baby carrots Pork buns, fried rice with peas and carrots, and fruit Quinoa, honey-lemon salmon (wild) with seasonal fruit and vegetables Chicken fajitas with salad and fruit
Week 3              (M 9/16 – F 9/20) Lunch Cheese ravioli, butternut squash and asparagus Wild tuna sandwiches with apple slices and butter lettuce salad Cauliflower and carrot coconut curry with brown rice and mangos Chicken Waldorf Salad, Zucchini Bread, and fresh fruit Lentil Super tacos with purple cabbage, seasonal fruit, and refried beans
Week 4             (M 9/23 – F 9/27) Lunch Chicken Penne Alfredo with cauliflower and broccoli Turkey burgers, celery and carrot sticks, seasonal fruit Salmon and vegetable stir-fry with rice and fruit Vegetarian chili, coleslaw, and corn bread Chicken or cheese tamales with refried beans and veggie slaw salad with avocado
Same each week PM Snack “ants on a log” (Celery with peanut-butter and raisins) Fresh veggies with hummus and avocado dip Class-made baked bread or muffin and seasonal fruit String cheese, crackers, and seasonal fruit (n/a)
Children can finish food from home at arrival in the morning (before 8:30am please).  You can bring snacks and lunch from home as long as it follows the food policy in the childcare agreement and is labeled with child’s name (lunchbox fine); tuition remains the same. * Whole grains are used for noodles, bread, tortillas, rice, crackers, etc. (natural or organic used when possible)
*If there is any religious or health preclusion for eating a certain food, I will substitute an appropriate alternative. You must let me know in written advance.
*Fruit and veggies are organic and seasonal / fresh when possible.
*Meat is either organic or all-natural (no antibiotics or hormones). Fish is wild-caught.
*Milk is always organic and offered during lunch and snacks only.  Filtered water is available all other times.
Menu items or a meal listed above may be substituted or switched around depending on seasonal availability.

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