Scholarship Donations and Sponsorship

There are many ways individuals, corporations, local business, community groups and clubs, NGOs, non-profits, and governmental agencies can help out families in need!  Qualifying need is based on verification by NGO or government organization of a family's homelessness or poverty. Tuition sponsorship: Tuition covers all childcare and preschool services and materials, in addition to all meals … Continue reading Scholarship Donations and Sponsorship

Avalon scholarships for families in need

Both full and partial scholarships are available for children with families currently or recently homeless and/or in poverty and receiving  benefits from (or waitlisted for) CalWorks, 4Cs funding, CAPP, or Choices for Children, LifeMoves, Family Supportive Housing, or other such programs. Scholarships are funded from private and public sources such as non-profit organizations, businesses, individuals, … Continue reading Avalon scholarships for families in need