Enrollment Withdrawal

When your child is ready to attend Kindergarten or 1st Grade, or if there in another circumstance that requires you to withdrawal your child’s enrollment, advance written notice of a minimum of two-weeks is required (and appreciated).  This time period allows us to plan the proper transition activities for your child, his/her friends, and us!  Love and friendship bonds are strong here, so it is important for children to have closure and proper transition of such an important part of their life.  We all create a memory book for the exiting child and talk about the transition (not the reason for it).   Though your child may not attend here any longer, you are invited to continue being part of our Facebook Group and attend all of the Family Field Trips.

Withdrawal Process:

  1. Submit (via email, text message, or note in person/by mail) notice of withdrawal with the date of the child’s last day of attendance.
  2. You will receive (by email or written note in your child’s folder) confirmation of your notice and a closing invoice.  If your child’s last day of enrollment is sooner than the required two-week’s notice, there will be no pro-rated refund of your deposit.  You would, if there is no outstanding balance, receive an invoice of a zero balance.  If your child’s last day extends past the two-week’s notice, a pro-rated tuition amount will be given to you and must be paid in advance, along with any outstanding balances.
  3. We will also provide you with an outgoing assessment for the recent period and a general development assessment for the entire time your child was here within two-weeks of your withdrawal notice.  Your child’s records will also be kept here permanently via a secure digital copy.

Please note that once the withdrawal notice has been submitted, we open up our waiting list for new enrollment and therefore cannot guarantee your child’s enrollment at a future time.  A new enrollment application would have to be submitted to gain a place on the waiting list along with filling out a new registration contract.