Clothing and Personal Property Policy

Because we encourage lots of artistic expression and play, children will often “get messy”.  We do have an artist smock for each child for arts and crafts, or an apron for cooking, but accidents happen (glitter glue, ketchup, mud, etc.), so please dress your child with the awareness that his or her fun experiences may occasionally be displayed on clothing!  If there is a performance or class photo scheduled, you can pack play clothing as long as your child can change without any assistance.  We are not responsible or liable for an damage or loss of clothing or accessories.

Rules for clothing (Dress Policy):

  1. All clothing must be in good and suitable condition at all times. (i.e. have the proper fit (not too small or too big), no tears/holes, broken zippers, missing buttons, etc.)    If any damage occurs while they are here, children will change into their spare set of clothing that is kept here.  Suitable condition means clothing appropriate for the weather (e.g. jackets for cold/rainy days and cool clothing for hot days).
  2. For skirts and dresses: leggings/tights or shorts (underwear itself is not sufficient) must be worn underneath at all times.  This is because children often sit cross-legged during Circle Time, play on the floor/ground, and are physically active during play time and sports.  Dresses or skirts must also not trail on the ground.  For Par Cor Gymnastic days, you will be notified ahead of time that pants or shorts are required for that day (it is fine to have a spare set kept here).
  3. Closed-toed shoes with socks are required at all times.  I know, living in California, that sandals are the go-to, however, to ensure the safety of all children during active play, no form of sandal is allowed.   Absolutely no “wheelies” types of shoes or sound/music enhanced shoes.  Shoes that light-up are okay.
  4. We welcome and respect your right to style your child’s hair as you wish, but please keep their napping comfort in mind when styling or using hair accessories (pony-tails and barrettes are adorable, but no fun to sleep on!).  We will not adjust or alter your child’s hair without having a Grooming Consent form on hand (see form in registration packet).  Even with this form, if your child does not consent to us helping with his/her hair, we will respect those personal rights.  If you wish to keep a spare comb or brush for your child to use here, it can be stored in his/her cubby.
  5. Physical markings:  (1) Temporary tattoos and stamps are fine as long as they are of a non-violent nature.  (2) If your child will have any cultural/spiritual/religious markings directly on (or worn on) their person, please notify us ahead of time so we can be educated on how to best care for your child’s needs. (3) We will never apply any markings, temporary tattoos, stickers, or stamps onto your child.  Children often do this to themselves though, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about such if you notice one.
  6. Jewelry:  Because children are highly active, no dangling earrings, necklaces, rings, watches, or bracelets are allowed unless there is a special reason or a cultural/spiritual/religious reason and the item does not pose a physical hazard (such as it being long and dangling, which is a strangulation hazard).  We reserve the right to remove such jewelry if there is a physical injury that is occurring, but if we perceive it as a possible issue only, we will contact you first. FitBits may be worn only with a doctor’s note.
  7. Free dress miscellaneous: (1) any slogans, words, graphics, or logos that are are demeaning, rude, or otherwise offensive will not be permitted.  Here is an example: if a shirt said, “Girls kick butt” (violent, despite the metaphor) or “Boys are silly” (demeaning), this would not be appropriate attire.  This includes any political attire or sports gear that shows demeaning action or words towards another people, organization, team, and so on.  Bottom line:  rude graphics and print are not permitted and are judged at our discretion.  (2) Pajamas and costumes are not to be worn as daytime attire due to those materials not being meant for active play.  The exception to this rule is a day that is for a pajama party, halloween celebration, or performance.

Personal Property:

  • Electronic devices such as (but not limited to) cell phones, Apple watches, iPads, FitBits, music devices, and video game devices are not to be brought to school.
  • Children may bring a small stuffed animal to keep at school as their “nap buddy” to cuddle.  If they wish, they can also bring a special blanket for nap time or a favorite pillow.  Blankets, linens, and pillows will be provided if they choose not to bring their own.  All stuffed animals and blankets will be laundered here unless you choose to launder them at home over the weekend.
  • Your child has a personal cubby where they can store a comb or brush.  This is where they will also keep a spare set of clothes.  Any clothing that had an accident will be in a plastic bag and put in their cubby.  We do not wash out any items with bodily fluids; they are stored for you to pick up in a plastic bag.
  • Please do not let your child bring any personal items from home unless requested for a project.  This includes toys and stuffed animals.  The exception for this rule is transitioning (new) children, who may bring a stuffed animal to come with them for the first few weeks.  We also ask that for the first full week, you allow your child to bring a personal item of yours that they are familiar with to “take care of” while you are gone and that they “return” to you at pick-up each day.  We usually recommend it be an item of clothing, that way they can hug it if they are missing you, but let us know if there is another item more appropriate.
  • Children are curious explorers!  Sometimes they damage or break things through misuse or accident.  It happens, and the important thing is that they are not hurt and learn how to properly use items.  You will not be held liable for any damages of materials.  This includes damage your child may do to another’s personal property or vice-versa.  This is included in more depth within the release of liability form within the registration packet.