Special Needs and Considerations (includes Health Policy)

Special Needs

My program is open to all children, no matter the level of their physical, emotional, or mental capabilities.  Special needs, like most anything, has a spectrum of considerations, so we will work with you one-on-one for the best care options; that being said, we are not trained in Special Education and are not qualified to provide therapeutic services.  We can provide reasonable accommodation per the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) specifications.  If you currently have an IEP (Individual Educational Plan) through the public school district or a medical professional, we can work with you to help implement special tools for your child’s learning and care.  We can also assist you in connecting with community resources if you need to consider or set up these services.

It is important to us that you know we feel your child’s special-needs is what makes this world so special! Everyone, no matter their capabilities, has a right to achieve their greatest potential.

Special Considerations

Every child, besides being a unique individual, may have unique needs that cover a broad range of things anywhere from high emotional sensitivity to speech delays.  We work with all families one-on-one as needed.

Health Policy and General Health and Safety Information

  • Who is around my child?  During operating hours, excluding parents/family of enrolled children, any adults on the premise (such as volunteers or teachers) have full background clearances and fingerprints from both state (DOJ) and federal (FBI).
  • Is the house and premises safe? Yes! I adhere to the strict safety protocols of the state and am subject (as all providers are) to licensing inspections to verify that I’m current on all standards.  I have lithium-battery smoke detectors, 2A:10:BC class Fire Extinguisher, child-proof latches, and safe locations for hazardous materials (sharp objects, medicines, cleaning products, etc.).  Emergency plans are provided and I have enough emergency supplies for all children; full emergency drills are conducted every six months. There is no pool or water feature.  The backyard is fully fenced with a locked gate, monthly safety checks for all play equipment, and my Ring doorbell provides video security monitoring of the front premises.
  • What about medical emergencies or injuries?  Emergency services will be contacted for any medical emergency.  Teachers and primary caregivers are also certified (and keep the training current) in pediatric CPR/AED/First-Aid and Preventive Heath Training. Any incidents and injuries will be reported to you immediately and in detail.  These records are also kept in your child’s folder and reported to the state (per requirement by the state).
  • What protection does my child have for illness and disease?  A major benefit of a Family Child Care Home (FCCH) is significantly less exposure to illness and disease during their vulnerable period of building up immunities.  All children are required to have up-to-date vaccinations – no exceptions unless your regular pediatrician provides a certified health action plan regarding the medical exclusion.  All occupants of the house (my husband, myself, my kids) have up-to-date vaccinations, TB testing, and the annual flu-shot.  Additionally, anti-bacterial soap and individual towels are provided for the children (we make sure they wash-up when needed).  I have two high-powered HEPA air purifiers for bacteria, viruses, and pollutants in the main areas.  The house is cleaned and disinfected daily after pick-up; toys and all other materials are also cleaned and maintained to a healthy standard.  Please see the below Illness Policy for further details.
  • ILLNESS POLICY: Any child who becomes sick with a rash, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, severe cold symptoms, or symptoms of a communicable illness is isolated until urgent pick-up (there is an area assigned for this).  This situation requires that you pick up your child immediately (within the hour after notification) and keep them for at least 24-hours after they are cleared* of all symptoms or cleared by a doctor’s* note from a physical exam of the illness. *We reserve the right to make the final decision on whether or not a child is able to return or remain in care.  While we are not doctors, we are professionally trained and certified in health management, which covers illness, injury, and other health issues.  You are still responsible for tuition even during days that your child is absent due to illness.  If my own children are ill with any of the above symptoms, they are isolated from the rest of the children and facility areas.  If I become ill with any of the above symptoms, I have qualified assistants who will provide care for the children here.  If any of my assistants become ill with the above symptoms, they go home until better. Knowing the occupational “hazard” of working with young children who are still building up immunities and health, we take extra special care in maintaining our own health.  The above is a summary of our Illness Policy, which will be provided, in its entirety, to you upon enrollment or request. 
  • MEDICATION / MEDICAL DEVICE POLICY: Each medicine, including such things as sunblock or diaper rash cream, must have its own consent form, be properly labeled with your child’s name, and be in the original packaging with the dosage and instructions on it.  Further medication policy requirements and forms are provided to you at enrollment.  Medication is kept in a locked (child proof) area.  We are not currently authorized or qualified to administer any mediation via a needle except for the use of an Epi-Pen.
  • Are your pets a safe?  This is not the right FCCH if your child has allergies to dogs.  We are sorry about that! 😦 Other than that, these are family dogs (a purebred Boxer and purebred Pomeranian) with a long history of gentleness, love, and patience with children of all ages (infant to adult).  They were both raised around and are used to many children cuddling and playing with them constantly.  They are current on their licenses and all vaccinations.  They also wear a non-toxic flea prevention collar and are professionally groomed.  The dogs do their “business” in an area off-limits to the children.  Caring for the dogs is one of the children’s favorite activities!  If you would like to first bring your child to meet the dogs and tour the home, please feel free!  You can do this by filling out the enrollment form and then we will contact you to set up a tour.

We provide the complete policies for Health, Medicine, and Illness at the time of enrollment.  The above is an overview and does not constitute the final and whole policies for Avalon.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.