2019 Special Learning Days Calendar

Calendar below lists observed dates with special learning activities that are based on cultural and national celebrations or traditions.

Observed Dates 2019 Celebration Activities
Jan 21, Mon. MLK Day Art project and story
Feb 5, Tue. Chinese New Year Story, art projects, celebration food
Feb 14, Thur. Valentine’s Day Valentines cards, Friendship Poems, Cupcakes
Feb 18, Mon. President’s Day Art project and story
Mar 1, Fri. Dr. Seuss Day Read Wacky Wed (+wacky hair/dress day), read Green Eggs & Ham and make it for lunch, read Horton Hears a Who (+art project), read Red Fish, Blue Fish (math game with fish crackers) for snack.
Mar 15, Fri. St. Patricks Day Irish folklore stories, make fairy houses and leprechaun trap (group project)
Apr 19, Fri. Easter Egg decoration and hunt, garden: spring plantings
Apr 22, Mon. Earth Day Terrarium art project, stories, gardening
May 10, Fri. Mother’s (or Sister’s, Grandmother’s, Aunt’s) Day Performance, art, and gift 
Jun 14, Fri. Father’s (or Brother’s, Grandfather’s, Uncle’s) Day Performance, art, and gift 

Jun 28, Fri.

Pre-school and TK Graduation and class talent show Time TBD: Extended Family welcome: Art and Talent Show, Graduation Ceremony and Reception
Aug 9, Fri. Summer Party All day play in backyard with water

September (dates TBD)

Community Visitors Firetruck and firefighter visit (pending availability)
Oct 25, Fri. Diwali Story, art projects, celebration food
Oct 31, Thur. Halloween Costume party and pumpkin decorating
Nov 1, Fri. Dia de los Muertos (11/2) Movie (Coco), art projects, celebration food
Nov 27, Wed. Thanksgiving (11/28) Story, art projects, potluck
Dec 20, Fri. Christmas (12/25) Gift exchange, gingerbread house, holiday recital for family
Dec 23, Mon. Hanukkah (12/23) Story, art projects, celebration food
Dec 26, Wed. – Dec 31, Tue. Last Week of Dec. Free play all week and PJ Party with hot cocoa and movie

Religious and political holidays are discussed at an academic and age-appropriate level.  Children are encouraged to express their opinions and listen to others in a respectful manner.  They learn about how and why people celebrate the holiday and participate in those celebrations through learning lessons of traditional and cultural fusion methods.  If you wish to have your child’s national and/or cultural heritage represented by a holiday (if it isn’t already) or in a certain manner, we would be delighted to co-create that with you.  We do not allow children to be excluded from these activities (aside from food considerations/observances) as cultural diversity and awareness are an important aspect of our program.  

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