Special Needs and Considerations (includes Health Policy)

Special Needs My program is open to all children, no matter the level of their physical, emotional, or mental capabilities.  Special needs, like most anything, has a spectrum of considerations, so we will work with you one-on-one for the best care options; that being said, we are not trained in Special Education and are not qualified … Continue reading Special Needs and Considerations (includes Health Policy)

Academic Objectives and Teaching Methodologies

Academic Objectives Beginning Preschool (usually ages 3-4) Fine Motor Practice: cutting, pasting, coloring, holding a pencil correctly, using fingers to manipulate small objects (cubes, beads, etc.) Literacy: tracing and visually identifying letters by sound (phonemic awareness) and sight (phonics), reading and writing (with help) first name, and vocabulary  Math: counting concepts using fingers and orally … Continue reading Academic Objectives and Teaching Methodologies

Parent Communications and Child Assessments

Parent Communications Phone calls, text messages and emails:  Because the children are being constantly supervised and cared for, if your family is not currently enrolled, we may not be able to answer or return your call right away.  Please allow up to one-business day for returned communications.  For families who are currently enrolled, we will always answer … Continue reading Parent Communications and Child Assessments

Behavior Policy

At no time ever will the children be yelled at, physically punished, have their personal rights violated, or be verbally harassed.  Regular disciplinary methods for verbal or emotional conflict: Calming situation down to a “neutral” state. Listening to each child’s issues and acknowledging his or her feelings. Helping the children understand consequences of their actions … Continue reading Behavior Policy

2019 Special Learning Days Calendar

Calendar below lists observed dates with special learning activities that are based on cultural and national celebrations or traditions. Observed Dates 2019 Celebration Activities Jan 21, Mon. MLK Day Art project and story Feb 5, Tue. Chinese New Year Story, art projects, celebration food Feb 14, Thur. Valentine’s Day Valentines cards, Friendship Poems, Cupcakes Feb … Continue reading 2019 Special Learning Days Calendar